ODC for Population health management company

The client is a high-tech population health management platform deep-rooted in developing digital tools that accelerate the transformation to value-based care across the country.

Business Situation

There was a constant need to manage costs as per the changing business situation. In addition, the client wanted to work with an outsourcing firm that could deliver quality, attention, and product ownership.

Resilience Solution

The client wanted a reliable and steady partnership with an outsourcing firm that would not just deliver the software for them but also correlate with their vision and business model. The client chose resilience to partner with them on this endeavor after extensive due diligence and reference check.

Resilience set up a delivery center with a dedicated, highly skilled, and talented team providing product development, implementation, and support services for the client to optimize the cost and exceed client expectations. Our team’s collective efforts and seamless collaboration resulted in realizing the client’s vision and accelerated their growth plans multi-fold.

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